Need something specific?

In addition to our software packages, Foreint offers consulting services.


Custom Applications and Integrations

One size does not fit all, and there's no software solution which will meet every use. Custom integrations help you get more out of tools by extending their capacity. Custom applications, on the otherhand, provide solutions to problems that can't otherwise be handled by your existing tools. A custom application or integration can be the right tool when:

  • Your content managment system is missing a critical feature.
  • Your E-Commerce platform is incompatable with your curent business processes.
  • You're looking to use an E-Commerce platform in an unconventional way.

IT Systems and Deployment

Rolling out a new IT system or solution can be difficult, expecially if it's replacing an existing system. Foreint offers a range of technology consulting services to help facilitate migrating to a new solution, including:

  • Data migration.
  • Digital resource planning and integration.
  • Systems backup and redundancy strageties.
  • Cloud migrations and adpotion strategies.
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